Free jquery sliders software

Jquery sliders software


Likno Web Accordion Builder

Likno Web Accordion Builder 2.1 Build 238

Likno Web Accordion Builder is a user-friendly interface GUI to the popular jQuery open source library that allows you to create stylish feature-rich jQuery accordion and slider controls for your web pages with minimal effort and coding br br All the jQuery accordion and slider ... [...]
Likno Web Modal Windows Builder

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder 2.2.276

Use a rich powerful Windows interface GUI to create any type of jQuery dialog or HTML window popup for your sites easily such as html window html popup jQuery popup modal popup modal dialog jQuery modal modal window javascript modal CSS popup The popular open ... [...]

Sliders 1.0

Sliders is the new game from New Delta Games that will test both your visual skills and strategic thinking as you attempt to complete each level and max out your score br br Match coloured tiles together to score points and increase your chances of ... [...]
jQuery Image Slider

jQuery Image Slider

Comes equipped with many features and settings to tweak for customizing the slider to fit any need br br A demo is included with the download package br ... [...]
jQuery Showcase

jQuery Showcase

p jQuery Showcase can easily be used to feature content using a nice animated image slideshow widget br br A demo is included with the download package br ... [...]
jQuery SliderAccess

jQuery SliderAccess 0.3

p jQuery SliderAccess adds special buttons for adjusting a slider's handle position br br The plugin was developed specifically for the jQuery UI Slider widget br br While the buttons look nice their main role is to provide an additional way of adjusting the slider ... [...]
jQuery Timelinr

jQuery Timelinr 0.9.54

p Can be used to create vertical and horizontal sliders the same br br Examples included with the download br ... [...]
Turbo Sliders

Turbo Sliders 2.0.0

Turbo Sliders is a racing game with a classic top-down perspective that allows up to network drivers compete against each other This is a game where playability has been the number one focus The game features challengin AI slick playability cool graphics groovy music and ... [...]
Audio Sliders

Audio Sliders 4.2

Audio Sliders is a versatile and complete audio control utility that includes a Volume Control replacement which is five times smaller than the Windows version User friendly interface lets you change volume levels group playback and recording controls in any of five custom layouts and ... [...]

ThreeSixty 0.1.2

p If benefiting from a suite of related images of an object from different angles ThreeSixty allows putting them together into a widget for viewing them in a row giving the illusion of a D slider br br ThreeSixty adds cool interactivity features like support ... [...]


p Textslider implements the principle behind a href http adobe-photoshop softpedia com target blank strong Photoshop strong a numerical sliders br br It allows developers to show a linked number on a Web page which when clicked will not redirect to a new page but ... [...]
jQuery Color Picker Sliders

jQuery Color Picker Sliders 4.1.7

p jQuery Color Picker Sliders does not deal with color wheels but with strips of color domains where various settings of a color's markup can be tweaked at will br br This enables more fine tune controls over the color input mechanism and a more ... [...]

KnobKnob 1.0

p Most jQuery-driven sliders are either in vertical or horizontal form br br KnobKnob allows developers to create round circular value sliders in the shape of a knob duh br br All knobs work on mobile devices too with support for touch gestures br br ... [...]


p sliderMenu shows a series of text descriptions to the right side of the image br br These act as slider switches and clicking one will make the carousel jump to a new image br br The text from the description block will also be ... [...]

slideControl 1.2

p Input range sliders are UI components for entering one or more values via the mouse br br The user can drag a handle and adjust its position while at the same time a value is updated based on it br br Clicking the mouse ... [...]

noUiSlider 7.0.2

p The plugin is an alternative to the jQuery UI range slider br br It allows the same funcitonality but without loading the entire jQuery UI nbsp library br ... [...]

caro.js v0.6.0

p As stated it supports any kind of content inside one of the carousel's panels from images to text and even HTML code br br A demo is included with the download package br ... [...]

Scrollerota 1.0

p Scrollerota takes a set of images and rotates them inside a container transitioning from one to the other using smooth jQuery-based animations br br A demo slider is included with the download package to help developers get started on their own slideshows ... [...]
Quake Slider

Quake Slider

p The plugin can easily be configured to assemble a nice looking image slider for featuring content on a web page or just as an image album br br Various demos are included with the download package br ... [...]
Liquid Slider

Liquid Slider 2.3.8

Created with some HTML and CSS goodness Liquid Slider allows developers to build slideshows that automatically adjust their width based to the device its being viewed from br br A basic demo is included with the download package br ... [...]
Slider jQuery Plugin

Slider jQuery Plugin

p The Slider jQuery Plugin allows developers access to a bare-bones content slider br br The slider itself consists of a container for the rotated elements and next prev controls only br br It is very minimal by design allowing developers to use it on ... [...]

lbSlider 1.0.7

p lbSlider can be used to show images or HTML-based content inside a simple infinite carousel br br The developer can control various plugin settings like the number of visible carousel items the presence of left right navigation buttons autoplay feature and autoplay delay ... [...]

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